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Introduction To Bally Flipper Games   $15.00  
  47 page spiral bound repair guide for electro-mechanical pinball games and arcade equipment. This book does a really good job of presenting electro-mechanical circuits in an easy to understand manner. It covers everything from reading schematics to trouble shooting hints. Included is important service information on relays, flippers, lubrication and switch adjustment. It applies to all electro-mechanical equipment. $15.00.
Introduction to Coin Operated Amusement Games   $18.00  
  65 page spiral bound repair guide for Williams Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machines, Baseball Games, Bowlers etc. This book is a real help on understanding relays, step up units, score drums, score motors, flippers, bumpers and switch adjustment. It contains valuable information on Baseball Man Running Units, Pitcher Unit, Batter Unit and Pin Panel Assembly for Bowlers . This book contains a trouble shooting guide, schematic reading help, glossary of coin machine terms and more.
1970 Chicago Coin Parts Catalog   $15.00  
  Illustrates parts and part assemblies used on C. C. Pins, bowlers, and Arcade Machines of the 60’s. 100 pages
Pinball Repair Guides      
Bally Electronic Pin Repair Procedures FO560-3   $15.00  
  This 92 page spiral bound book covers in depth all the circuit boards from 1976 to 1985. Detailed diagnostic tables guide you to what component needs to be replaced. This was the third and final edition of this manual and contains material on the later sound boards "Squawk and Talk" and "Say Again". It also lists the parts for each board.
Bally Electronic Pinball Games Theory of Operation   $4.00  
  Important companion to the Elect. Pin Procedures above. Describes how each I.C. and transistor interact during power up. Details which component on the board is being tested at each MPU led flash. 18 pages